Bi- or Trilateral projects in all calls

CALL 1              03/2020


Synthetic actinobacteria for tailored supply of therapeutics

Leading PIs: Andriy Luzhetskyy and Christoph Wittmann


Safe bacterial hosts for antibiotic production in living materials

Leading PI: Rolf Müller


Temperature-sensitive bioswitches for control of bacterial activity in living therapeutic materials

Leading PI: Shrikrishnan Sankaran


Bacteria encapsulation in miniaturized living devices for therapies in the biliary duct and the lung

Leading PI: Aránzazu del Campo


Infrared-activatable antibiotic-producing living materials

Leading PI: Tobias Krauss


Characterization of immune response to living therapeutic materials in vitro

Leading PI: Bin Qu


Living Therapeutic for Chronic Cholangitis

Leading PI: Frank Lammert



CALL 2             12/2020


Rational development of living materials for treatment of infective lung disease

Leading PIs: Olga Kalinina, Robert Bals


In vitro and in vivo analysis of the biocompatibility of Living 

Therapeutic Materials containing engineered bacteria

Leading PI: Matthias Laschke


Living (yeast) capsules for the gut that supplement omega-3 fatty acids   (I)

Leading PIs: Rolf Müller


Living (yeast) capsules for the gut that supplement omega-3 fatty acids   (II)

Leading PI: Aranzazu del Campo


Engineered commensal lactobacilli as LTM for chemoprevention of chronic inflammation and infection-associated carcinogenesis

in the female genital tract   

Leading PI: Sigrun Smola


Keeping living therapeutic materials under the radar of neutrophils

Leading PI: Sigrun Smola




CALL 3             11/2021


Curcuminoid-producing living materials against cervical cancer

Leading PI: Christoph Wittmann