About us

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Robert Bals / Saarland University / Internal Medicine V

E-Mail: m5.sekr@uks.eu


Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo / INM / Biomaterials Chemistry

E-Mail: Aranzazu.delCampo@leibniz-inm.de



Prof. Dr. Markus Hoth / Saarland University / Biophysics & Immunology

E-Mail: markus.hoth@uks.eu


Prof. Dr. Karin Jacobs / Saarland University / Biological Experimental Physics

E-Mail: k.jacobs@physik.uni-saarland.de



Prof. Dr. Olga Kalinina / HIPS / Computational Biology

E-Mail: olga.kalinina@helmholtz-hips.de


Prof. Dr. Andreas Keller / Saarland University / Clinical Bioinformatics

E-Mail: andreas.keller@ccb.uni-saarland.de


Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus / INM / Material Scienc & Engineering

E-Mail: tobias.kraus@leibniz-inm.de



Prof. Dr. Frank Lammert / Saarland University / Internal Medicine II

Prof. Lammert took over the position of a Vice President at the Medical University of Hanover in early 2021.



Prof. Dr. Matthias Laschke / Saarland University / Clinical Experimental Surgery

E-Mail: matthias.laschke@uks.eu


Prof. Dr. Andriy Luzhetskyy / HIPS / Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

E-Mail: andriy.luzhetskyy@uni-saarland.de


Prof. Dr. Markus Meyer / Saarland University / Experimental & Clinical Toxicology

E-Mail: markus.meyer@uks.eu


Prof. Dr. Rolf Müller / HIPS / Microbial Natural Products

E-Mail: Rolf.Mueller@helmholtz-hips.de



Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ott / Saarland University / Biological Experimental Physics

E-Mail: albrecht.ott@physik.uni-saarland.de


Dr. Bin Qu / Saarland University / Biophysics & Immunology

E-Mail: bin.qu@uks.eu


Dr. Shrikrishnan Sankaran / INM / Bioprogrammable Materials

E-Mail: shrikrishnan.sankaran@leibniz-inm.de



Prof. Dr. Berthold Seitz / Saarland University / Ophthalmology

E-Mail: berthold.seitz@uks.eu


Prof. Dr. Sigrun Smola / Saarland University / Virology

E-Mail: sigrun.smola@uks.eu


Prof. Dr. Christoph Wittmann / Saarland University / Systems Biotechnology

E-Mail: christoph.wittmann@uni-saarland.de



Associated Partners:

PD Dr. habil. Annette Kraegeloh / INM / Cell Biology & Nanosafety

E-Mail: annette.kraegeloh@leibniz-inm.de